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BREAKING! Mars news! NASA reveals “Building blocks of snack food” found!

hostess twinkiesIn what many scientists are calling both a major coincidence as well as a planetary breakthrough for mankind, NASA has announced that the “chemical building blocks” of “snack food as we know it” have been uncovered just under the Martian surface.

“This is an epochal discovery” Said JPL astronomer and chemist, Dr. Dooley Turner. “It is nothing less than revolutionary.”

“This proves,” He said, “That Twinkies are not indigenous to the Earth and that, thousands of years ago, our Martian progenitors may have enjoyed this tasty, sugary confection as well.”

Astronomers at the highest levels of the Mars rover project say they will “dig deeper,” seeking to find the much-vaunted “creamy filling,” which has so far eluded even the best scientific minds.