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Breaking: Apple, out of cat names, will start with vermin. Woodchuck 11 next big thing!

mac os x satire humor image Apple Computer (APPL, Cupertino) which has long named its operating system software updates after metaphorically impressive beasts of the jungle, will break ranks with its next round of software releases and begin recognizing less “significant” animals. Whether this is due to political correctness, or a nod to the fact that one release of Mac software isn’t much different than the prior one, remains to be seen.

“We are currently working on Woodchuck 11 beta.” said a spokesman. “It will represent a “ground up” reworking of our core kernel and users will find it more functional than ever.”

Cupertino insiders have also leaked the names of future upgrades, which include Capybara 12, Hamster 13, Rat 14 and Beaver 15.


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October 11, 2012 at 9:54 am