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Occupy Wall Streeters relent. Move back in with Mom and Dad.

occupy wall street zuccottiThe grass roots protest that began in lower Manhattan and then spread like wildfire across the nation, seems to have been extinguished in a mere few hours, when police swept through Zuccotti Park and forced the restless crowds to “move on.” Most seemed sanguine about the end game.

“My Mom will be glad to have me come home,” Said 29 year Jason Bricklin. “I mean, like, I’m sure she missed making my dinner, doing my laundry and kissing my ass 24/7.”

A similar sentiment came from 32 year old Ginger Allen. “I’m going to go home and occupy the shower for like, two hours!” She said, smiling. “This was fun, but my parents are, ya know, so needy — so I’m going back home.”

Written by mytabloids

November 16, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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