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BREAKING NEWS: Michele Bachmann arrested over lack of flag pin

While on what she thought was a “normal” day of campaigning, candidate Michele Bachmann’s tour bus was pulled over by police and quickly boarded, just outside of Badger, Iowa. According to local police on the scene, Ms. Bachmann was “clearly not wearing a metal U.S. flag pin” — and was therefore cited.

“We take our patriotism pretty darn seriously here in Badger, said Police Chief Wallace Watling. “If you can’t even take the time to put the stars and strips on your lapel in the morning, how the heck can we trust you to be President?”

Ms. Bachmann was allowed to leave, after agreeing to a court date later this month.

“Michelle just grabbed the wrong blazer off her hanger this morning,” Said campaign aide Tiffany Newly. “It’s dark on the bus and it’s just dang hard to tell the difference between Navy Blue and Black sometimes.”


Written by mytabloids

August 22, 2011 at 7:41 am

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