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BREAKING: Terror thwarted by choice of “2-3 day shipping.”

al qaeda bomb plane printer image Packages containing apparent bombs did not reach their destinations in the US, because the shipper chose the “2-3 day Super Saver” option when filling out the paperwork in Yemen.

“Al Qaeda has been severely hindered financially over the the past several years,” Said State Department spokesman William Kennedy.
“And it’s quite well known that they, like many cash-strapped American corporations, avoid “overnight” fees like the plague!”


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October 30, 2010 at 7:06 am

BREAKING: Vitter to be new Pampers spokesman

Louisiana Senator David Vitter, in a hotly contested campaign to retain his seat, has apparently come upon a unique way to get more TV air time; he has agreed to become the national spokesman for Pampers, a brand he is personally known to favor.

“This has nothing to do with the campaign,” Said Vitter spokesman Brent Philpot. “It is just a business decision, which David hopes will drive the disposal diaper industry and create new jobs for hard working Americans.”

Vitter, who admitted to frequenting prostitutes while married to his current wife Wendy, reportedly used diapers as part of his “fun.”