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BREAKING: Olympic luge track gets a “fix.”

After the tragedy that killed a Georgian luger, whose body came off the track and slammed into a steel support
pole at 90mph, Olympic organizers, while admitting no fault and blaming the accident on human error, said they are installing “added safety features.”

“The first thing were going to do is to wrap these poles with some moving blankets we found in the back of an empty semi. We think it’s a vast improvement,” Said spokesman Hans Gilt.

When asked by reporters what difference they would make if a similar accident were to occur again, Gilt said, “We think the next luger might live for say, 5 or 6 additional minutes. But in the fast-paced atmosphere of the Olympics, that’s almost an entire lifetime!”


Written by mytabloids

February 14, 2010 at 7:42 am

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