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G20 Protesters: Berating The Beans!

beansProtesters at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh ransacked a Boston Market restaurant on Thursday, breaking plate glass windows and raising havoc, but it apparently had nothing to do with the ills of globalizaton nor the use of genetically-modified crops.

“We were just pissed because the green beans sucked.” Said protest leader Simon Strauch. “We were marching down Baum Boulevard when we decided to grab some lunch. But, as vegans, we found the green beans to be overcooked, soggy and just saturated in too much salt. They were anything but the “fresh” vegetables which Boston Market likes to advertise.”

“And since we’re protesters,” Said Kim Docherty, “We did the only thing we know how to do; we trashed the place and broke all the windows.”


Written by mytabloids

September 25, 2009 at 8:18 pm

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