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BREAKING: Obama tell kids to “Channel their inner Commie”

obama_2President Barack Obama spoke directly to millions of school children today, and, as had been expected by many on the Right, he went “off script” and suggested that, while “Studying is all well and good, following a well-crafted manifesto” is really the way to obtain success in the world.

“You may think I’m hear talk about personal responsibility…and doing your homework and all that. Well, I’m not.” Said the President. “I’m hear to tell you that the GOP is a fascist-infested shit hole, full of rich fat corporate douchebags who don’t care one damn about you or your future. Follow me, and my socialist agenda, and we can wipe them from this nation once and for all!”


Written by mytabloids

September 9, 2009 at 7:47 am

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