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G-20 protesters will have to wear “furry” costumes.

squirrel_furryThe head of security for the upcoming G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh has come up with what he thinks is a novel way to make any of the expected protesters seem “less scary.”

“I was in Pittsburgh doing a survey and threat assessment,” Said Secret Service agent Henry Buchanon, “And it happened to be the same weekend as Anthrocon 2009, the convention for so-called “furries,” and I thought, hey, if we make all these nutbag protesters where a big stupid suit that make them look like a squirrel, it’ll be a lot less threatening to people.”

When questioned as to how this would effect people’s First Amendment rights, Buchanon was terse.

“Listen. We make you take your shoes off at the airport. We can make you put on a Smurf costume if we want.”


Written by mytabloids

July 13, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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