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Cheney admits: “We tortured Furries…and I’d do it again!”

cheneyFormer VP Dick Cheney said today that he is not ashamed of what the Bush administration did “in the name of stopping terrorism around the world,” including the apparent detention and torture of several “suspect Furries.”

“Yes,” Cheney said, when questioned, “We did have good intelligence that indicated both Scooby Doo and Huckleberry Hound might have had ties to al Qaeda…and we took what I considered to be appropriate actions to get to the truth. You can call it torture if you want, but we shaved those dogs down to the nub!”

As to whether important information was obtained?

“I think the questions answers itself,” Said Cheney. “As of today, I don’t think you can point to a single terrorist act committed by a costumed dog of any breed!”

Written by mytabloids

June 2, 2009 at 8:23 am

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