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North Korea: “Epic case of short man’s disease.”

korean_soldierWith the current sabre-rattling reaching a frightening crescendo, MyTabloids thought it would be a good time to delve deeper into the problems on the Korean peninsula. To that end, we spoke with eminent psychologist, Dr. Burton Blaine.


Question: “WTF is going on with these little dipshits?”

“Their is nothing wrong in North Korea that some Human Growth Hormone wouldn’t solve.” Said, Dr. Blaine. “Every one of that nation’s actions are simply an “acting out” of the aggressive impulses that short men around the globe so often feel.”

Question: “Are those missiles what I think they are?”

“Yes, these missiles are nothing more or less than rocket-propelled phallic symbols. I mean, this is Psychology 101, really.”

Question: “Why aren’t the South Korean’s exhibiting the same aggressive tendencies?”

The men in the south make up for their small stature like men in the U.S. do; they buy electronics, drive fast black cars and go golfing. You can’t do that in the North.”

Thank you Dr. Blaine.


Written by mytabloids

May 30, 2009 at 1:10 am

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