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Pittsburgh Mayor: G20 Summit interferes with Furries and Rib-Fest

lukePittsburgh’s young Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl said today that while he thinks it might be “awesome” to “hang with some world leaders,” he would rather that President Obama reconsider his decision to bring the G20 Economic Summit to Pittsburgh this September.

“Like, seriously? It’s just really freakin’ inconvenient,” Said the 29-year old city leader, who just won a landslide victory in the Democratic Primary and is the likely winner in November. “And I don’t feel like pissing off the dudes running the Rib Fest or the wonderful, cuddly Furries, who are scheduled to have their annual Anthrocon convention that same weekend.”

Other local civic leaders, including Councilman William Peduto, were shocked at the Mayor’s comments. “I love Rib Fest,” he said, “But this is my dream come true. This is WONK FEST! Besides, Luke’s just pissed off about his name change thing….”

Asked if Peduto was correct, Ravenstahl dissembled a bit, but did admit, “Yea, I was going to call myself RibbinStahl and FurryStahl, which would have been a lot more fun than “G20-Stahl. That just sounds, like, totally lame!”

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