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New Fox Show: “Are You Meaner Than Dick Cheney?”

meaner_than_dick_smallThe FOX network has announced that, after reviewing the latest speech by Dick Cheney, they have rushed a spinoff of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” into development.

“This has winner written all over it,” Said FOX spokesman Art Teitelbaum. “Dick is just an audience magnet. We have no doubt this will be the breakout hit of the new season!”

According to sources, the reality show format will feature average people, who will be presented with a scenario in which they’ll be pitted against a “virtual Dick Cheney.”

Teitelbaum explained.

“For instance, one player might to asked to imagine what they would do if they had a small, defenseless puppy and it was misbehaving! I mean, you can see the possibilities, can’t you?”

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