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Pirates angry; Thought “walking the plank” would have been more appropriate

piratesThe head of the Somalia Pirates Local #287 released a prepared statement today, saying, in part, that “We found the killing of our fellow pirates to be a complete overreaction to the situation with the Maersk Alabama.”

Claude Odinga, Shop Steward was clearly angry and vowed that the Pirates would “stop at nothing” to avenge the deaths of their members, who he described as “hard working, dedicated professionals.”

“Shooting was not necessary. Murder was not necessary. A simple, traditional, “plank walk” would have certainly been more appropriate in this case, though I’m not even sure I believe in that level of corporal punishment. We will be filing a grievance with the NLRB immediately.”


Written by mytabloids

April 13, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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