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Market Square remake to be more “homeless friendly.”

market_squarePittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today revealed plans for a revitalized Market Square, in which the sidewalks would be widened and through-traffic limited.

“The basic idea of this exciting plan is to allow more room for pedestrians to walk around the bums.  Presently, a lot of downtown workers have to step over them.  With wider sidewalks, that won’t be a problem anymore — and that means perambulating through a maze of steaming pigeon dung and alcoholic panhandlers will be a more pleasant experience for everyone!”

In addition, the City will plant additional trees, so that the pigeons cat sit in the them and drop excrement on their heads.

“We think it’ll be a totally cutting-edge urban experience!” the Mayor said.


Written by mytabloids

February 18, 2009 at 4:27 am

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