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Lincoln Bible disintegrates. Motel bible fills in.

gideonWhile doing a run-through of tomorrow’s inauguration ceremonies, the famous “Lincoln Bible” which Barack Obama had decided to use, “simply disintegrated” according to sources close to the Obama Glorification Team.  With time short, it was decided that a “simple Gideon Bible” would be used to fill in.

Agents Lanny  Guilford of the Secret Service, who is having an affair with Lucy McAllister from the FBI, “grabbed one from the drawer of the Sleepytime Motel in Crystal City” and came to the rescue.

Obama Transition Team members were thrilled with the move.  “They may not change the sheets at that place very often, but after Obama takes the oath, it’ll be all about change!”


Written by mytabloids

January 20, 2009 at 8:38 am

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